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  • Developer: Microsoft
  • Genre: Task Manager
  • Version: v16.43
User Rating: Rating 4.58

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Jackson Mitchell

Process Explorer is a process viewer, task manager, and system information tool for Windows that gives you a major boost in troubleshooting and diagnosing a system that is running slower or exhibits less performance than it should. Application is a "must-have" for any user of Windows. It is a descendant of Program Manager and displays a variety of information about processes, threads, DLLs that are running on system. Software Process Explorer downloads for Windows 10 and has a rich set of features and is updated with new features regularly. Product is a non-graphical Windows Task Manager replacement that shows a process tree. UI is a simple window with a menu bar, scrolling list of processes. It is a very popular tool for systems administrators and power users to diagnose and troubleshoot their systems.


Interface of soft is what makes it so easy to use. Interface is very easy to navigate and it is customizable. You can change the colors of soft or make application completely transparent. Product has map that appears on the side of soft. You can click on any column to sort data differently. Application downloading Process Explorer for Windows 10 has a very simple user interface. Procedure tree is displayed at top of window. From here you can expand or collapse a tree by clicking on plus or minus sign, respectively. Procedure tree lists all processes running on system, PID. It displays CPU, memory, disk usage for each process. Interface is very user-friendly, user can easily switch from one procedure to another. Information provided by application is very detailed and thorough. Interface of Windows Process Explorer is divided into two panes by default. Left pane shows processes running in system. Right pane shows detailed information about procedure selected in left pane. It is easy to view a process, all its information. There are a lot of options that can be used to filter process list. Users can view DLLs and memory blocks that are used by a selected procedure.


Tree hierarchy on left of screen makes it easy to find process you are looking for. Tree hierarchy to right of screen is color-coded to make it easy to understand which processes are running and which are not. Process properties window in top right corner of screen is easy to understand. Three buttons in top right corner of screen are easy to use. Software Process Explorer downloading for free and is a very easy to use application. Interface is simple and easy to navigate. It displays a lot of information about procedure running on system, including CPU, memory, disk usage. It has a wide variety of Process Explorer app features that make it easy to explore data of active processes. You can customize colors of product or make it completely transparent. Software has a mini-map that appears on side of product.


Provides a lot of functionality. It shows a list of running processes and their CPU, memory, disk usage. It displays a tree of processes and their parent-child relationships. It has a colorful interface that makes it very easy to understand. Product can be used to monitor usage of CPU, Memory, Disk, Network, Windows processes. It has a tree view of processes on system. Product get Process Explorer can be used to terminate running processes.


There are a number of tutorials and help files available online, there is a forum for users to share their issues and ask questions. Product Process Explorer 64 bit version has a wiki with a lot of information about application. Developed by a company called Sysinternals, company has a lot of information available for customers about product. Software Process Explorer is a robust application with a lot of support options. It includes an online manual, FAQ, well-documented API.


  • I'm running Process Explorer Linux and I see a DLL with no name and a funny looking icon. What is it and why is it there?
    This is a Windows system file that is required for app to run properly. This file is only used by application and will not appear in other programs.
  • What is goal of app?
    Goal is to show you what you need to know about processes, threads, and handles.
  • I'm having trouble starting app in Windows XP.
    You need to download latest Service Pack for XP, latest Service Pack for Vista. App won't start on XP without them.


Overall, It has been designed to take most powerful process management capabilities of Windows Sysinternals and present them in a way that is easy to understand. Software Process Explorer free has several features that are not available in Task Manager, including showing time that process has been running, injecting processes into memory, showing inherited handles.


  • It’s an excellent way to quickly identify which processes are running on your PC
  • It’s lightweight and free
  • It’s very convenient


  • Some of information in soft is not updated in real time
  • It doesn’t tell you how much RAM you have

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